I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with the talented filmmaker of “Frozen” and “Hatchet” Adam Green, here are the 6 questions I came up with-
1. What can you tell us about the new “Tales of Halloween”?, I’m assuming you’re in Paul Solet’s segments
AG: I’m in a few segments(none of which are Paul’s actually), but can’t say anything more about it this early, unfortunately.
2. You’ve worked with many talented actors, who have your favorites been and why?
AG: Too many to possibly name but SOME: My Holliston castmates(Joe, Laura, Corri, Dave, Dee), Joel Moore, Rachael Leigh Cook, Parry Shen, Shawn Ashmore, Richard Riehle, Ray Wise, Bailee Madison, Emma Bell, Colton Dunn, Zac Levi, Deon Richmond, all are incredible actors, insanely generous people, and make shoots a happier, better place on all the crew.
3. Similarly, are there any actors that you’ve wanted to work with, but haven’t had a chance yet?
AG: My dream answer to that question was always Jean Stapleton or Michael Jackson. Sadly, both have taken their final bow.
4. You mentioned Holliston, what is the future of Holliston?, it was on hiatus last I heard
AG: I can’t comment on that just yet
5.Well we all look forward to seeing!:) so there are 3 Hatchet movies, is there room for a 4th?, will any of your other movies have sequels?
AG: Hatchet was always meant to be a trilogy. No plans for sequels to anything at this time. One more question, make it good!
6. I had 2 more planned, but OK, final question, how did “Horrified” come about?, and what all can you tell us about it?
AG: With Horrified you never know what kind story someone will tell- hilarious, embarrassing, or terrifying.  First ep 7/17. How it came about and all the details: http://t.co/P2gVP4SycQ